Five Lessons Learned in Vegas

My last spring break is over. THE LAST ONE. I’ve been depressed since I arrived home this weekend. That being said, my final spring break trip went out with a bang. I had a great time with fabulous girls, walked all over the strip, met people from every continent, and still managed to make it home with a wallet full of cash.

In the spirit of business, I’ve written out a list of “key take aways” for this trip. Read little grasshoppers, and remember:

1. Don’t go to Vegas with males. As it turns out, every concierge and promoter in sight was DYING to have me and my friends party at their club. They promised us the world–bottle service, limo transportation, VIP access, close proximity to celebrities, etc. At one point, a cocktail waitress invited one of my friends to hang out with her later. Since when do girls want to roll up to an establishment with her competition in tow?

Moral of the Story: A pack of fun girls is the only way to travel.

2. Strippers can be smart. My ladyfriends and I went to see a little male revue know as the Thunder From Down Under. Cheesy yes, but the boys invited us out afterward and of course we went. I talked to one of them for twenty minutes about Keynesian macroeconomic theory and why it works better in Australian than it does in the United States. Then we waxed poetic about Jack Kerouac. Later, we discussed 3:10 To Yuma and why the remake is even better than the original. He told me his life story, and unlike ladies who fall into this profession, their choice to be in this show is intentional–most guys are personal trainers, minor league athletes, surfers, or in this guy’s case a bull rider, and take a 2 or 3 year off to travel and be in the show. Fascinating.

Moral of the Story: Don’t judge a book by their cover (or lack thereof).

3. Don’t play poker unless you’re ready to concentrate. I literally hopped of the plane and went straight to the tables. Terrible idea! I was unfocused and not playing tight enough, but I also lost a few really great hands. At least I went out like a champ. A few days later I got back on the saddle and won some of my money back though, so it’s not a terribly sad story. To not completely bum you out, my business fraternity little played all week and won nearly a thousand dollars. Jentry, teach my your ways.

Moral of the Story: Only play poker when you have the time and the patience to do so.

4. Don’t give just anyone your number. There were a couple guys we met that were cool enough to hang out with in real life–but most were just not friend material. People who wear Wayfarers with clear lenses are most certainly up to no good. My phone blew up all week from numbers I didn’t recognize inviting us to hang out. No thanks.

Moral of the Story: Concierges, party promoters, and hotel neighbors that eerily resemble Aaron Rodgers are alright to share your phone number with. Effeminate Canadians and overly enthusiastic NAU students are not.

5. My persistent need to wear heels everywhere has finally paid off. Don’t get my wrong, I needed a Band-Aid or two, but the perma-arched Barbie position my feet are constantly in served me well this week. I powered on all night in my heels with minimal cramping or blistering.

Moral of the Story: If you don’t have super human feet, wear wedges or bring a pair of flats in your purse to change into.

In the words of the Oceanic 6 of Lost, “We have to go back!”

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  1. Very interesting points you have noted , appreciate it for putting up.

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