Eurotrip: The Premise

It’s every college kid’s dream (and perhaps an outrageous cliche for kids where I’m from) to hop a plane across the pond and spend a few weeks taking place in debauchery in foreign countries. Yes, I’m talking about a post graduation Eurotrip.

The Leading Cast: Me, one of my best girlfriends (who is fluent in German, could come in handy) and two of our guyfriends–not quite “bestie” level yet, but good friends that I hang out with probably every other weekend. You betcha by the end of this trip we’ll be on bestfran level though.

Supporting Cast: The four of us, all business majors, each have a handful of friends who will be in Spain and getting done with their school trip around the same time we get there. Among them include people I’ve known since I came to OU, sorority sisters, friends of friends, and more. Additionally, several other friends and acquaintances of mine are taking Eurotrips as well. Basically, it’s going to be an OU reunion in Europe with with 60+ people there that I’ve connected to in some way.

The Plan: Arrive in London on June 13th, and come home on June 27th. All other details are yet to be determined. What we do know is that we’re going to Spain to meet up with our friends, Ibiza, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome. We’ve yet to book hostels or planes or trains, but it’s certainly on our to-do list. First, I ought to find my passport.

Things I Hope To Happen…

  • No one gets arrested, kidnapped, roofied, etc (but in all seriousness…)
  • I meet a Prince or Duke or Lord who shows me his Castle and feeds me crumpets
  • I go to Topshop whilst in London
  • I see the Mona Lisa, no matter how long the line for the Louvre is.
  • I buy authentic laderhosen
  • I need to see the Eiffel tower…and not the one built to smaller scale that I’ve seen and dined under about a dozen times in Vegas.
  • Bring home stacks of expensive chocolate for my Mom and chocolate covered honeycomb for myself.
  • I don’t completely diva-out and over pack.
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