My Secret Fashion Life…

Okay, so maybe it’s not so secret. Actually, fashion is how I started blogging in the first place. Reading fashion blogs turned into me making a little one of my own (mostly so I could comment on other people’s), which led to me going out on a limb and applying for a job with College Fashion. Well, over a year later, I’m now a paid contributor for College Fashion, started an OU Fashion blog (which my sister is about to take over), write for the Lost Ogle, and try my best to get new content on this little blog between you know, my day job, sleeping, and Netflix.

Recently the New York Times (!!!) interviewed me for a piece on fashion on college campuses–and it was just published yesterday. Check it out here. If you’re lazy, skip to the second page 4th paragraph for the good part (you know, about yours truly).

Don’t worry, tulsa20something is not going to become a fashion blog any time soon–but I do feel like I’ve kept these two blogging lives separate for awhile and just thought I should share. I realize that 75% of the people who read blog this are male anyways, so I’ll keep subject matter to the important things–Tulsa, beer, and bitches.

Just in case you’re interested though, here’s links to some of my favorite posts from the past:

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Fashion Inspired By The Graduate


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