A Very Tulsa20Something Christmas

‘Ello faithful cohorts. Excuse the delay–my Thanksgiving hangover lasted about 8 days and since then, I’ve been mourning over the fact that Christmas and New Year’s falls on weekends. Really, this should be illegal. How does one reasonable going from having nearly a month off school to properly celebrate Christmas to getting no days off work? Luckily, I’m in good with my boss, but most of my friends with big-kid jobs don’t receive presents from/eat turkey with/stay over at their manager’s house Christmas Eve.

Get your mind out of the gutter, I work for my parents.

Anywho, it’s that time of year when the friends you’ve acquired over the years come back home to Tulsa (see my guide to reacquainting yourself with old cronies here). Mimosas and Irish coffees become socially acceptable on weekdays. Now that you’re making your own money, the pressure’s on to buy your parents actual gifts (and not just a sloppy hand made card). I know it’s a pain, but put up a Christmas tree and display your grandma’s porcelain Nativity scene. Dust off that tacky vest from Christmas Power Hour sophomore year of college–’tis the time to eat, drink (heavily) and be merry.

It’s the time of year that I unsuccessfully begin my hunt for a seasonal boyfriend–you know, someone to check out Rhema with, cuddle while watching Elf, and kiss under the mistletoe but have no obligation to buy a present for or invite to family gatherings. As always, the problem with temporary help is knowing when to let them go. I mean, New Year’s Eve is only a week after Christmas and you need someone to kiss at midnight, then comes Valentine’s Day…next thing you know, you’re stuck at a job you hate with a mortgage and 2 car payments and 3 kids to feed. And I simply cannot handle that kind of pressure just yet.

You all know I’m a list girl, so here’s another one for shits and giggles…ways to celebrate Christmas for the young and fun…

  •  Reserve nighttime to see and be seen. I know your family wants to see you, but your old friends are home–for better and for worse. Holiday social life is a delicate balance of wanting people to see how thin/successful/cool you’ve become, while simultaneously not wanting to actually talk to anyone you used to matriculate with.  Well, it’s that way for some people. I for one LOVE seeing old friends and classmates.
  • Form a Bar Association–a small posse of close friends who will wingman for you, take shots with you, go to Whataburger with you, and share the cab ride home. Enjoy them. Turn to them when that creep from geometry brings you a mysterious beverage. Trust that if you blackout, you won’t end up passed out in the bathroom of Sharky’s because they’ll be there to tuck you in on their couch. Friendship–it’s what single life is about.
  • Strategic positioning. Now that you’ve got your crew to roll with, pick your location with care. Sure, you can see townies at the Blue Dome District any ole’ week! Judging from Thanksgiving break, Leon’s and White Owl seem to be popular hang outs for the holiday breakers…
  • Watch Home Alone. A LOT. Commit significant quotes to memory. It’s a great party trick.
  • Utilize family time wisely. Take naps, replenish your body with nutrients, compliment your grandma’s stuffing, and brush up on your Catchphrase skills.
  • Go for the drink specials. Marathon socializing will eventually take a toll on your finances.
  • Lock in a cutie for New Year’s Eve. Sure, finding a decent looking rando works for some, but I prefer to ring in the New Year with someone I’ve actually spoken to more than once.
  • Indulge in the Christmas Chaos. Go ice skating at Winterfest. Watch the Christmas Holiday Parade downtown, see the lights at Rhema and Tulsa Hills, adopt an Angel at Woodland Hills mall, and watch It’s a Wonderful Life. You know you want to.
  • Do something crazy. You know those clowns dancing in a circle around the jukebox? Those are my friends. Literally. Embrace it.
  • If you live in a good location, buy an air mattress or five. The great thing about moving out of your parent’s house? The rager can continue for days.

What else are you looking forward to?

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One Response to A Very Tulsa20Something Christmas

  1. The T says:

    I am fortunate that I’m coming home from the islands to enjoy Christmas in Tulsa. I come back to Tulsa a couple of times a year, but this is my first time back in tulsa during Christmas in the past 5 years, and honestly, when you’re stuck on an island and it’s always 80, Christmas time really feels like early September instead of Mid-December.

    I’m looking forward to real BBQ from Elmers and a few other BBQ joints, amazing steak from a bevy of steak houses, and real shopping…It will be the first time I haven’t had to wear flip-flops in a year, so I’m going to put back on my real shoes and get ready to be brought back to the place I call home… Living in the islands for the past 7 years and Tulsa is still the place I call home…

    It will be good to see how she’s grown….


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