Hi, I’m Chelsea. Yes, I’m in my twenties and I live in Tulsa. You might have seen me on The Lost OgleCollegeFashion, CollegeCandy, or OU Daily Fashion before.

I grew up in the good ole 918 in the district known as South Tulsa. I went to Jenks, then on to the University of Oklahoma where I graduated with a BBA in Economics in 2011. I currently reside downtown, and work as a consultant. I love sushi and Indian food and loathe Carrie Bradshaw. I love fashion, I’m a movie nerd, I read all the time, I’m always  down for trivia, and I always order a Guinness first thing on a night out.

Have some commentary on the 918 that you’d like to share? Email tulsa20something@gmail.com or on twitter at @tulsa20somethng


4 Responses to About

  1. Kelci says:

    Hey! I just recently found your blog from CollegeFashion! I was browing through the site and checked the writers. Is it sad that I got really excited when I saw OU listed? Anyways I lived in Tulsa last year, and I visit nearly every weekend. Now there doesn’t even seem like a reason for me to be writing this to you… but I’m just letting you know (I guess) that you have a new (and excited!) reader. Have a great day, or you know, night.

  2. Kelci says:

    I hate that there were errors…

  3. liamjohara says:

    Randomly found your site and I like what I’ve read so far. The Stuff Tulsans Love series was pretty great. Keep up the good work!

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