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The Triumphant Return to Nompton

I’ve been receiving emails and passive-aggressive Twitter remarks regarding my mysterious disappearance from the interwebs. To the three readers that keep up with this blog but don’t know my true identity (which I protect with the utmost vigilance), I am … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Anyone Who Doesn’t Have to Work This Week…

Dear Acquaintances, Allies, and my Friends Home From College, It’s not that I don’t love you. Our time together has been nothing short of magic. From rowdy nights at the bar, to staying up all night giggling at Youtube videos, … Continue reading

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How to Impress Friends And Endear People: Holiday Edition

The holidays are upon us, which means a few things here in Green Country: Jenks, Metro, Cascia, and Bishop Kelley high school reunions on Brookside Tuesday and Wednesday night. (actually, Brookside sucks now. I move that we change the unofficial … Continue reading

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You Know You Had A Great OU/Texas When…

You start the weekend by eating at In-N-Out Burger. So this one’s new, but definitely a new tradition I’m instating. You frat lap so many times at North Park that you pass out before you even break out the booze. … Continue reading

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The Red River Rivalry: A Survival Guide

Today marks the 5th year in a row I’ve traveled to Dallas to catch one of the most important games of the season–OU/Texas, also known as the Red River Rivalry. Yep, I’m graduated. Yep, I’m skipping work tomorrow. And yes, … Continue reading

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The One Where They Go Back To College

Everyone knows that Blackout Weekend (you know, the 5 days before college classes starts) are the best days of a matriculating student’s life. I might be a fresh alumnus, but that wasn’t going to stop my friends and I from … Continue reading

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New Life, New Tulsa

Note: This post is written by new contributor Will. Expect more of his thoughtful insight to Tulsa life in the future. Though you’re technically an adult in college, big kid life is obviously pretty different. Prior to writing this, my … Continue reading

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