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Tulsa Summer Bucket List

This summer, there will be no month-long excursion across Europe, no internship in a big city, and no temporary apartment in Norman for me. Kidulthood has its perks–you know, a disposable income and lingering bursts of reckless abandon, but unfortunately … Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’t’s for Valentine’s Day: Tulsa20Something Edition

Movies and television lead us to believe that there are two kinds of people in the world: Type 1, the Valentine’sDayIsSoAwesomeChocolateLoveHeartsJoySouffleYAY person. See every character in that painful Gary Marshall film, Nicholas Sparks enthusiasts, and most characters played by Meg … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions for Tulsa20Somethings

I’ve been completely dreading this New Year’s Eve. I take that back; I’ve hated EVERY New Year’s Eve since 2004, with last year being the only thing in the neighborhood of an exception to this blanket statement. Okay, so that’s … Continue reading

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A Very Tulsa20Something Christmas

‘Ello faithful cohorts. Excuse the delay–my Thanksgiving hangover lasted about 8 days and since then, I’ve been mourning over the fact that Christmas and New Year’s falls on weekends. Really, this should be illegal. How does one reasonable going from … Continue reading

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Facebook Yet Again Takes Shit Too Far

Today is your lucky day! Facebook now offers a feature that allows you to announce you’re expecting a baby! This new function allows proud mamas and babydaddies to keep their friends updated with the sex, name, and even ultrasound photos … Continue reading

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15 Ways to Beat Tulsa’s Heat

It’s that time of year again. Walking from the exit of Walmart to your car leaves you moist and uncomfortable, the steering wheel burns your hand as you try to back out of your parking spot, and no amount of … Continue reading

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