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DadBoner: A Dissertation

If you have a Twitter account, odds are you’ve encountered the man of the hour Karl Welzein, better known on the ‘net as @DadBoner. Reminiscent of “Shit My Dad Says,” and every sitcom father of the last two decades, Karl’s … Continue reading

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Pinterest in Screwing With Every Girl’s Mind

I seriously feel like I’m betraying the female race for writing this. But, the secret is going to get out soon enough. I’m hip to most internet social fads…I had a Myspace in middle school, Xanga early in high school, … Continue reading

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My Secret Fashion Life…

Okay, so maybe it’s not so secret. Actually, fashion is how I started blogging in the first place. Reading fashion blogs turned into me making a little one of my own (mostly so I could comment on other people’s), which … Continue reading

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Facebook Yet Again Takes Shit Too Far

Today is your lucky day! Facebook now offers a feature that allows you to announce you’re expecting a baby! This new function allows proud mamas and babydaddies to keep their friends updated with the sex, name, and even ultrasound photos … Continue reading

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Drama Kings of Leon

Looks like there could be trouble in paradise for Oklahoma’s latest band to break into mainstream music, Kings of Leon. According to reports (and by reports, I mean TMZ and Perez Hilton) while playing a concert in Dallas this weekend, … Continue reading

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Kurt Hummel Needs to Grow a Pair

Before I get into this, know that I’m absolutely the least homophobic person there is. I’ve been known to roll up to parties with a posse of gay men, and hang out at OKC’s Copa at the Habana Inn. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Casey Anthony: One More Reason Why Oklahomans Hate Florida

People in the great state of Oklahoma are furious with Florida today–and it actually has nothing to do with Tim Tebow. I won’t insult your intelligence by walking you through the overwhelming evidence proving that Casey Anthony is guilty as … Continue reading

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